Josh Solo

Here I will put up some links to Josh playing solo.  These are live, one take, unedited clips obviously.  I have near 100 songs in my personal catalog of originals.  I will put up mostly originals but might thow some covers up as well.  

Click the song titles to go to video of me playing these tunes.

The Ballad of Spade Cooley

I wrote this tune after learning about Spade Cooley’s life from the Cocaine and Rhinestones podcast.  It’s all true.  I figured the story had already been laid out before me as the perfect murder ballad so I just put some music to it.  Crazy story from mid-century southern California.


I AM Irish so I decided I needed to write and Irish drinking tune.  The first line was the refrain “I’m not a Lush I’m just Irish” then just add some Irish refrences and boom.  You’ve got a tune!

Don’t Get Me Wrong

So as a pedal steel player I end up in lots of “Honky Tonk Situations”  I find myself meeting people singing with a heavy southern twang, talking with an accent, and writing tons of songs about trucks and beer and all the other “country” themes.  Then I ask them where they are from and they say Petaluma or somehing like that.  I LOVE honky tonk and country music but it’s not about being from a certain place or writing about a certain topic.  So that’s what this tune is about.

Shadows in the Canyon

The seed for this song came during a road trip in Idaho.  There is a ghost town called Burke, ID.  It is a fascinating place where they built a town in a very skinny canyon.  I read a placard that said even in the hight of summer it only got maybe 1 hour of sunlight.  The song is about a ficticious character but all the other details are absolutely accurate.  All the way to the railroad line literally running through the lobby of the hotel in town.  Click HERE for some info.

Friend of the Troubador 

I LOVE old guitars.  The “seed” for this song was a scratch on a very old Martin.  I got to wondering when that scratch happened, and then I got to wondering what all had happened with that guitar that was older than me by over 50 years.  How many people had played it?  How many songs were written on it?  Where had it been?  What sort of life had it led?  I also think humans and guitars both get MORE interesting as they age generally.  So this song is also a bit of an extended allagory to that concept.  Much of the song could be about a person or a guitar.

Rock and Rye

I had the first line and the guitar groove.. “Days gone by… rock and rye” but I had no idea what it was about.  I just couldn’t get away from it though.  I didn’t even know what Rock and Rye was.  After a bit of research I found out it is a drink that was very popular in the 1880’s.  That OF COURSE led me to the international meridian conference of 1884 in DC where they established the time zones.  I figured EVERYONE has a song about time zones so I might as well have one as well.  

The Misdeal Blues

This song started out with one line using a playing card image.  I thought “well that’s pretty cliche as there’s a milliion songs with card images in them” but I just couldn’t shake it so i went the opposite direction and decided to do a song that is basically ALL playing card themes.  Hopefully even if you don’t get all the card refrences the idea of the story and a high maintanance relationship comes through.  “Your a dirty stack” the last line of the last verse is easily my favorite.