Josh Solo 2

Here I will put up some links to Josh playing solo.  These are live, one take, unedited clips obviously.  I have near 100 songs in my personal catalog of originals.  I will put up mostly originals but might thow some covers up as well.  

Click the song titles to go to video of me playing these tunes.

Covers Compilation

Just a little mash up of some of the covers I play out at solo shows.

Homegrown Jalapeños 

Granted this song was writen cause I needed a fun tune in open G to pick on my porch.  I had noted the phrase “homegrown jalapeños” for some reason and I just liked it.  So I wrote this VERY serious song about this beautfiul pepper.  I am a spice FREAK.  My chef friends love it.

Senses of the Seasons

I LOVE wine.  I love lots of things about wine but  I would say that maybe my favorite thing is sipping a bottle from around here and thinking of the year when the fruit was growing.  That is mostly what this song is about.  Making wine is still agriculture and it’s still a crop.  Drinking a bottle from a vineyard I know and remember what the year brought for both the fruit and for my life is a beautiful thing to do, especially with loved ones.  All my winemaker friends are truly part of “building a story in a bottle” about each year.